4 Reasons Why You Will Love the Galaxy Tab S6

Mobile devices provide us limitless opportunities to create imaginatively and instantaneously. With the Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung is offering the most powerful tools yet to help those driven by their passions to express themselves more authentically than ever before.

The Galaxy Tab S6 reimagines every facet of the tablet experience. By combining enhanced essential features with pioneering capabilities, the tablet delivers a mobile device that’s perfectly in sync with the needs and demands of today’s artistic trailblazers. Here are the top six reasons why creatives will love the Galaxy Tab S6. 


Create with Freedom

  • Imagine a tool that can cater to all your creative needs. From sketching initial ideas to putting final touches to your work, the tool can adapt to your needs at every stage of the creative process. That’s exactly what Galaxy Tab S6’s S Pen offers.

    Together with Samsung Notes, the S Pen puts a wide range of design and drawing tools, including sketching pencils and watercolor, right in your hands. All it takes is a tap to switch between the tools and change color, which means you can simply focus on bringing your ideas to life.


 A PC-like Experience

  • There are times when the desktop environment can boost productivity. By attaching the dedicated Book Cover Keyboard or enabling the feature via the Quick Panel, Samsung DeX transforms Galaxy Tab S6 from a tablet into a PC-like workstation seamlessly, giving you more flexibility to multitask on the device.


A Lightweight Canvas

  • Galaxy Tab S6 is as portable as it is powerful. The 5.7mm-slim device weighs only 420g, which makes it effortless to carry around. Equipped with a 10.5” Super AMOLED display and HDR10+ support, the tablet is a canvas you can bring with you wherever you go.

Unmatched Power

  • Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Packed with a long-lasting battery as well as up to 1TB expandable storage, Galaxy Tab S6 lets you follow your passion and create without ever having to worry about running out of juice or space.