Qualities Of A Durable Custom Printed Mug

Customized gift items and custom printing services have gained much popularity and are available easily. Custom printing is available on various things such as T-shirts, pens, pen stands, mugs and more. A personalized coffee cup with a photo and lovely quotes is the best way to express your feelings to your loved ones. To create a good customized mug, you must choose a quality product and carefully choose the background colour and clear image. Apart from these, the quality and durability of the product and printed image should be ensured to make it a memorable gift.

The customized printed cup should be convenient for use in the kitchen. It should be safe from dishwashing liquid and hot water. You wouldn’t want the printed image to get distorted on frequent use and get damaged easily. The material with which the cup is manufactured and the printing ink should be highly resilient and withstand atmospheric conditions. The wrapped image on the cup’s surface should not come out easily when it comes in contact with the dishwashing chemicals or other elements. The following factors make our customized mugs durable.

Tough Base

For a long-lasting customized gift, a well-built and carefully constructed mug is essential. These mugs undergo unique ceramic milling and forming process in various steps. Using quality materials and fine milling technique, these mugs comprise a perfect ratio of all the elements, making them even, smooth and bubble-free structures. Later, the cups are minutely inspected for bumps or any other flaws to ensure their quality and shine. This complete process makes the cup base sturdy but with a smooth finish.

Colour Palette

While dark colours are mostly a popular choice, it avoids staining cups with coffee, tea, or other liquids. Whereas, good quality cups come in light colours too, which carries high-grade paint that are resilient to any stains. You may also choose from a wide variety of mugs in vibrant colors that goes with the image to be printed on it.

Quality Finishing

A good quality custom printing service provider uses premium inks to paste the photo onto the cup. The printing is performed so that the layout of the image blends well with the cup’s glazing. This unique subliming of the materials ensures improved protection from heat and chemicals in any form. The printed image becomes a permanent part of the cup and not just peel off easily with few uses.