Diat Professional Tripod Ð A203-KS10

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The A203KS10 100% aluminum magnesium alloy forging material, on the basis of the original, through the upgrade, further strengthen using the stability of the rack body strong U-shaped mats can improve the stability, increase the bearing capacity, increase the height deserve to go professional 3D hydraulic camera head KS10, a new quick release plate photography camera integration design, Uses the knob type design, operating more simple, height up to 1600 mm, receive is only 830 mm small size, suitable for outdoor. This product holds an enormous advantage in the similar products, it is the first choice for your photographic camera.
Diameter of 60 mm ball bowl grinding sand mold connections, better connected head, rich texture
Tube is composed of five round leg tube adopts circular structure, 100% aluminum magnesium alloy forging accompanied by smooth texture luster.
Diat new type of legtube knob lock button, setting down is convenient, lock more tightly long service life.
Practice has proved that the triangle has the stability, has the characteristics of stable, firm, pressure. because the base of the triangle structure, so in the shot will be more stable and will not miss taken by shaking moments of scenery.
U-Shaped mats used with the same level of car tire rubber production, at the same time mats removable design collocate their own foot nail pulley wheel base, drag and other professional accessories can better adapt to the environment.
Storage is fast and convenient just pull the folded belt, the tripod can be receive.
Weight 4.05 kg
Max. Load 7 kg
Max. Height 1600 mm/63 in
Min. Height 780 mm/30.7 in
Folded Length 830 mm/32.6 in
General Screw 1/4, 3/8
Material Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
Type of Head 3 Dimensional Hydraulic
Sections 3
Locking Type Knob

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