Godox 90G Grid for P90 Parabolic Softbox

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Godox 90G Grid for P90 Parabolic Softbox Ð Softbox grid to be used in conjunction with the Godox 90L Parabolic Softbox.
Attaches with velcro. A grid is designed to minimize light light spillage and to create a narrower beam of light.

About Godox

Founded in 1993, GODOX Photo Equipment Co. Ltd is a comprehensive photography enterprise integrated with product R&D, design, manufacture and sales.
Our mission is to deliver high-quality products with competitive prices to our customers.

Godox offer a full line of studio photography equipment, including:

Studio flash and portable power inverter.
Outdoor flashes,
Continuous lighting,
Studio flash accessories,
Camera flashes,
Macro lighting,
Speedlite power pack,
Camera flash accessories,
Flash triggering and control system,
And other studio accessories, etc.

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