Godox AD-E 1/4" Light Stand Holder Bracket For AD200 Camera Flash Speedlite

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Godox AD-E Holder is made of a knob connecting two parts, a light stand connector and a connector with a detachable 1/4" screw pillar.
You can use it as a simple light stand, with the pillar connecting Godox flash by 1/4" screw and the light stand hole connecting your light
stand whose diameter is less than 15mm. Or detach the pillar, use the hole (diameter 15mm) which bears the pillar as a light stand hole and
insert extension rod into the hole of light stand connector to achieve more possibilities of your lighting sets. There is also a reflector hole
on the connector with a screw pillar, which is avaible for an unbrella and other gears. The conjunction of these two connectors can be turn
around within 180 degree. That means you have more lighting positions by rotating it.

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