Aputure Amaran AL-H198 On-Camera LED Light

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The Amaran AL-H198 from Aputure is an on-camera LED light that utilizes 198 LEDs with a CRI of 95+ to deliver daylight illumination with high color accuracy. The light produces a 60¡ beam angle with a brightness of 920 lux at a distance of 3.3'. A step-less dimming dial is provided on the back of the unit for adjusting light output. The light can be powered by either six AA batteries or an optional Sony NP-F/FM/QM/FP/FH/FV type battery, with four LED indicator lights on the back of the unit displaying the remaining battery life.

To create a larger light source, up to nine AL-H198 panels can be attached together using extension slots on all four sides of the light. The slim and frameless design of the light means that when multiple lights are connected, there are no gaps or light leaks. One extension attachment piece comes included, which also serves as a 1/4"-20 adapter. Also included are a swivel shoe mount adapter for camera mounting, a diffusion filter, and an orange warming filter.

Key Features
198 LEDs with 60¡ beam angle
5500K daylight light
High CRI of ³95
Rear step-less dimming dial for adjusting light output
Powered by either one Sony NP-style battery or six AA batteries
Battery power indicator lights
Expansion slots for connecting up to nine lights to create a larger source
Swivel shoe mount adapter for attaching to camera
Diffusion and orange warming filter included

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