Saramonic Blink 500 RX UC Type-C Connector 2.4G Dual Channel Wireless Microphone Receiver

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The Saramonic Blink500 is an incredibly lightweight, ultracompact and easy-to-use 2-person wireless microphone system for DSLR, Mirrorless and Video cameras, or mobile devices that delivers detailed, broadcast-quality sound.

The system series is comprised of three different receivers. The RX receiver has a 3.5mm output and includes TRS and TRRS output cables, allowing it to work with any device with a 3.5mm audio input. The RXDi receiver has a MFi CertiÞed Lightning output and is designed for Apple iOS devices. And the RXUC receiver has a USB-C output and is designed for devices with a USB-C port, including Android smartphones and tablets.

The clip-on transmitter has a great sounding built-in mic and it is small and light enough to clip to shirts and clothing, or you can use it as a traditional beltpack transmitter with the included SR-M1 professional lavalier microphone.

No technical knowledge of audio is required to operate. The Blink500 system operates on the interference-free 2.4GHz spectrum and automatically hops to free channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts.

Blink Series
Unique Dual Channel Transmitter Operation Ð receiver can support 2 transmitters simultaneously = Host & Guest
Mix and match receivers & transmitters Ð simple push button sync operation
You can start out with a single kit and add a second transmitter later or
You can start out with a B1 or B2 kit and add a smart device receiver so you can use in any application
Recharge via USB ÐC cable included
Transmitters have a built in Mic and also a Lav style Mic is included! (Note for the Rode the lav mic is an option)
Ideal for a broad range of applications:
Free yourself from your desktop during web meetings, presentations, training etc.
Perfect for use with mirrorless and small cine cameras for live events and productions
Unique integration with smartdevices for recording ÒRemarkableÓ sound

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