Aputure DEC LensRegain Follow Focus Adapter for MFT (EF to MFT)

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The Aputure DEC LensRegain Follow Focus Adapter for MFT is a lens adapter, follow focus, and speed booster in one. The included EF to MFT mount lens adapter allows you to mount Canon EF full frame and APS-C lenses on your MFT camera, and it provides a 0.75x focal reduction. The 0.75x reduction enables more of the EF lens's image to be seen on the MFT camera sensor, and this allows an additional aperture stop of light to be captured by the sensor. The additional +1 aperture ensures brighter images and provides more flexibility with ISO and shutter speed settings. The faster aperture rating is displayed on the OLED display of the lens adapter, so you know exactly what change the focal reduction provides.

Also included are a wireless remote control and a receiver. The receiver can be attached directly to the side of the lens adapter, connecting into an 8-pin connector. The receiver allows the remote control to communicate with the lens adapter to let you adjust focus and aperture, as well as trigger record start/stop in the camera. The remote control works over the 2.4G wireless frequency from up to 328' away. It has an ergonomic rubber handgrip design for comfortable handheld use. You can also mount it on your camera rig, tripod, or other camera support using the included claw clip.

The receiver, instead of securing to the side of the lens adapter, can alternatively be mounted on the camera's shoe mount or elsewhere using various optional mounting adapters. In such a case, the receiver can be plugged into the lens adapter using included cabling.

The lens adapter additionally features seven layers of anti-reflective coating on each of its four lens elements. The lens adapter and remote control are both battery operated. The lens adapter runs for up to 10 hours on a single charge and the remote control for up to 48 hours.

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