Aputure GWII-C3 Gigtube Wireless II Digital Viewfinder For Canon DSLR cameras

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This inventive product makes it possible to view the live display and control DSLR cameras from a distance of up to 100 metres over a 2.4GHz link. The 3.5 inch LCD screen is particularly useful when used with cameras left unattended for wildlife photography, stop-motion, macro, surveillance or self-portrait work and also allows engagement of the subject from alternative angles. The remote is equipped with a collapsible and removable sun-hood, which also protects the screen when closed.

The receiver attaches to the camera via the hot-shoe mount and connects via the remote and AV-out connectors. Viewfinders for Canon cameras include an IR adapter cable. A built-in camera supports models without a live-view mode. The LED display shows the current channel, which can be changed by pressing the 'match' button and has power and signal indicators. Included is a 1200mAh NP-60 battery that charges through the mini USB port, allowing up to 5 hours of continuous use.

The remote has a 3.5 inch (320 x 240 pixels) LCD screen and a full-function shutter button that controls focus and shutter actions. The on-screen display shows the battery status of both receiver and the remote, shooting mode, live or mini-camera view and currently selected camera. The remote can access four camera channels so if more than one camera unit is in range, the remote can be switched to operate with each independently. Available trigger modes are single, continuous, self timer and bulb. An additional video record mode is also available for Canon models that utilise IR remote control. In long shutter (bulb) mode it displays the elapsed exposure time on the remote display. A built in memory offers remote review of up to 100 shots taken without the need to return to the camera.

The four buttons on the back of the device control brightness, contrast, shooting mode, selection of connected camera, review images and sleep mode. On the bottom of the remote there is a quarter-inch tripod mount, and an AV-out/wired-control socket. As with the receiver a 12000mAh NP-60 battery is included and can be charged via the mini USB port, allowing up to 1.5 hours continuous use.

Dimensions: 127 x 79 x 30mm, remote; 87 x 50 x 41mm, receiver.

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