Roland KC-550 - 180W Keyboard Amplifier/Submixer (Rental)

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The Roland KC-550 is a keyboard amplifier with a 4-Channel Stereo mixer and 180 Watts of power, built into a 2-way, full-range speaker cabinet with a 15" Woofer and a 1" Horn Tweeter. A 3-Band Master EQ section and a global output Shape switch are included, and each mixer channel has a dedicated volume knob. A Stereo Auxiliary input has also been built into the mixer section.

The KC-550 also features a Stereo Link I/O section for dual unit connection, and XLR lines out for balanced mixer connection; the KC-550 is capable of serving as both a stage monitoring solution and a submixer.

Portable Keyboard Amplifier with 180 Watts of power, 2-Way speaker set and casters
4-Channel Stereo Mixer with separate level Control Knobs and Master 3-Band EQ section
XLR microphone Input for dynamic microphones
Stereo Auxiliary input
Output Select Switch for Monitor sound destination
Shape Switch for quick overall output Tone Shaping
Balanced Dual XLR outputs for connection to Mixer
Stereo Link I/O for stereo stage connection of dual units
Subwoofer output
Headphone output with separate level Control Knob

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