Godox LED500Y Tungsten LED Video Light

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Designed to be portable yet versatile, the LED500Y Tungsten LED Video Light from Godox provides a smooth and soft light that is well-suited for video use. This model is tungsten-balanced, offering a color temperature of 3300K that varies å±300K depending on your settings. Dimming settings range from 10% all the way up to full power, and can be adjusted on the on-board LCD via two buttons and a dial or with an included wireless remote that works at distances of up to 65.6'.

The LED500Y is rated for output up to 2900 lux at 3.3', drawing a maximum of 32W of power during use. Used for support is a yoke with a standard light stand receiver and locking knob, and the design also incorporates a built-in filter slot for easy light manipulation. For powering the panel, an AC adapter is included for connecting to a wall socket, while those looking to take the light outdoors can run it on two optional Sony L-series batteries. The remote control requires two 3.0V AAA batteries, which must also be purchased separately

Portable LED panel outputs up to 32W of power, rated for 2900 lux at 3.3'
Tungsten-balanced with a color temperature of 3300K
Brightness can be dimmed from 10 to 100%
Remote control allows for easy wireless adjustments, runs on two AAA batteries and works up to 65.6' away
433 MHz wireless system with 16 channels in 6 groups
On-board control via dial and two buttons, with an LCD screen for viewing settings
Yoke is compatible with most light stands and offers tightening knob for a secure fit
Built-in filter slot for use with included diffusion filter
AC adapter included for wired use with a power outlet
Battery plate accepts two optional Sony L-series batteries, ideal for portable operation

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