Neumann M 150 Tube Microphone

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The M 150 Tube Microphone from Neumann is a modified omnidirectional, condenser tube microphone designed for vocal and general instrument recording in the studio. Designed after the classic M 50 tube microphone, the M 150 incorporates many of the features in a modern microphone. The M 150 features a transformerless tube amplifier based on the M 149. This results in warm transparent audio signal character with a very low noise floor.

The titanium diaphragm of the pressure capsule is 12mm in diameter and is exceedingly thin. As requested by top engineers, the head-grille is shaped just like that on the original M 50. The directional characteristic of the M 150 is totally unique; the microphone features a true omnidirectional pattern at low frequencies and becomes more narrow with mid and upper frequencies.

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