E-Image MA110 Video Monopod Ð Aluminium with GH03F Fluid Head

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The E-Image GH03 Fluid Head with Flat Base supports cameras and accessories weighing up to 11 pounds. The GH03 head features an Easy Lock Baseplate system that combines the balance adjustment of a sliding baseplate with the ease of a quick release system. It provides a fixed counterbalance setting that helps the fluid head support loads up to 11 pounds and wonÕt force you to fight the head when working with lightweight camera systems.

The variable tilt drag allows you to adjust the fluid head to suit your shooting style or the needs of the shot. The head features a built in 1/4?-20 accessory socket for available monitor support arms or other accessory items and independent pan and tilt locks. The head incorporates a bubble level, Panhandle rosettes on the left and right side of the head (one panhandle is included), and a 1/4?-20 threaded accessory socket for use with optional accessories.

The fluid head features a flat base with a 3/8?-16 threaded mounting hole. This allows you to mount it in tripod legs with a 3/8?-16 threaded mounting screw, or 1/4?-20 screw with the optional adapter. You can also mount optional jib arms or camera sliders that support flat base heads.

You can mount this head to the optional half-ball system to gain ball-leveling capabilities, and then quickly switch back to the flat base for situations requiring that mount.

The Easy Lock baseplate provides the balance adjustment range associated with a sliding balance plate but combines the ease of a quick release, as you can pop the camera (on the Easy Lock plate) into the top of the fluid head without having to support the camera while lining up the plate with the head. Easy to pop in, it stays secure until you release it, and you maintain the sliding balance adjustments.

The Easy Lock camera plate features a guided sled with a retractable locating pin and supports both 1/4?-20 and 3/8?-16 camera tie-down screws (included).

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