Hollyland Mars 300Pro Single TX

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Mars 300 PRO is using the latest coding, decoding technology, and 5G wireless transmission technology. It can achieve ultra-low latency wireless video transmission. It has a transmission range over 328ft with a clean line of sight (LOS) when connects to 3 APPs Monitoring. The transmission lantency is 0.1 sec. And transmitter can powered by both L-series battery plate and USB type C port. Buy Hollyland Mars300Pro Single TX from UBMS Dubai. We can provide best price and fast delivery for all Hollyland products.

Key Features
Wheel Button on the Side, One-button Rolling Adjustment
OLED Screen Display on the Side
Transmission Latency is 0.1s
HDMI Input & HDMI Loop Out at TX
Supports USB Type-C Power Supply
1 Transmitter Supports up to 3 APPs Monitoring
Supports Smart Channel Selection
Supports APP Firmware Upgrade

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