RODE NTG3B Moisture-Resistant Shotgun Microphone

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Precision broadcast-grade super cardioid shotgun mic. Withstands adverse environmental conditions. Matte black finish

The Rode NTG3B moisture-resistant shotgun microphone. Professional-level features such as low-noise circuitry, upgraded immunity to radio-frequency interference, and minimal handling noise reduce the need to repair and restore audio in postproduction.

The NTG3B's high sensitivity allows it to produce strong output levels without having to apply extreme gain at your mic preamp. Sonically, the NTG3B delivers consistently clear sound due in part to its gentle rise in high frequencies and its rumble-reducing attenuation of low bass frequencies. Its switch- and dial-free design lets you set up quickly and focus on the sound instead of fiddling with various mic settings. The solid brass housing is both durable and lightweight, and its anti-glare finish prevents reflections in the shot.

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