Orangemonkie 25" Foldio3 Mini Studio Kit with Turntable and Halo-bars

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Designed for use with smartphones, tablets, DSLRs and compact cameras, the aptly named Foldio3 25" Mini Studio from ORANGEMONKIE is a 25 x 25 x 22" white plastic box-like structure that folds down to a thickness of 2.5" and is easily carried by its convenient handle. Ideal for small products and ecommerce, the Foldio3 illuminates its subjects with three daylight-balanced LED strips that incorporate dimmers that allow you to dial in the appropriate light intensity or create a ratio between the strips by dimming down one of them. The Foldio3 includes black and white backdrops to vary your images and comes with a multi-voltage AC power supply. An app is available for iOS that facilitates chroma key, brightness, color temperature control, editing, and web sharing.


Magnetic structure, simple assembly
Foldable design; carry it anywhere
All-in-one portable mini studio; easy to use
Foldio iOS app for chroma key, brightness, color temperature, editing, web sharing, Worldwide Folio user's gallery
What's in the Box:
Portable Studio Body
3 x LED Light Strips with Dimmers
White Backdrop
Black Backdrop
Backdrop Holder
Multi-Voltage AC Adapter
ORANGEMONKIE Foldio360 Smart Turntable for 360 Images
Turntable Adapter Kit
AC Adapter
Foldio360 Application
ORANGEMONKIE Halo-bar for Foldio3
ORANGEMONKIE Extension Kit for Foldio360 Turntable and Foldio3 Mini-Studio
Extension Plate
Extension Backdrop

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