Impulsfoto Triopo MX-SK55 Softbox 55 cm for Flash Units, Soft Illumination, Umbrella Softbox with 180¡ Tilt

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About Softbox Triopo SK55 Professional 8 Sides With Flash Ball Head
Its reflection in a circular shape makes it an ideal light modifier for portraits.
Provides soft, directed light, controlled in the scene without color casts.
The double diffusing fabric and its silver interior help to distribute the light internally, preventing the projection of the flare from producing a central or point lighting.

It uses an assembly system with clamping of the rods, with a quick release button to fold.
The bracket attached to the flash, holding it by means of a screw clamp, allows to place flashes with heads of up to 9.5 x 5.5cm.
It has a ball joint, with a grip for hand use, it can also be placed on a lighting column or arm by anchoring with a female spike at its base.

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