Impulsfoto Triopo MX-SK90 Softbox 90 cm for Flash Devices Soft Illumination Umbrella Softbox with 180¡ Inclination

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The Triopo MX-SK90 allows you to apply sophisticated lighting settings when shooting flashes, where an unleashed plug-in flash is used. This offers you high efficiency and at the same time pleasure for every strobist.
Easy to use: the umbrella softbox is very easy to set up and very light when measured by its size. This allows for easy mobile use but also for use in a studio, for example.
Quality material: the high-quality materials (metal struts) give the Softbox not only a long service life, but also a maximum light output, thanks to a silver-coated interior. The front diffuser prevents the formation of a hot spot and fan the light, so that the light can lay perfectly around the object. Impact shadows are thus significantly reduced.
Practical construction: in just a few steps, your 90 cm softbox is ready for use. The flexible struts of the softbox must be attached to the respective bracket of the speed ring. So that you can tighten the softbox, the individual struts are folded outwards until the holder is stuck. (Crosswise navh outer flaps!)
Features: the adjustable flash holder is ideal for different sized flashes. It has been manufactured in such a way that almost all flash devices are compatible. The opening where the flash looks out is approx. 9.7 cm wide and 6 cm high. The height can be adjusted thanks to the screw connection, so that the mount can be attached to almost all flash devices (please note width). In addition, the umbrella softbox has a tilt head, with which the softbox can be attached to a tripod with 1/4 inch.

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