Yongnuo SYD-1509 LED Video Light

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Yongnuo SYD-1509 is the LED Video Light with all the features many videographers crave. 135 LEDs, Dimmable, AA batteries compatible, 5500K color temperature, stackable to create larger light panels, and get this ? support for NB3-L Lithium Rechargeable Batteries. With a special adapter placed in the AA compartment (included), you can throw in two NB3-L batteries and charge the light via itÍs own USB interface. Aftermarket NB3-L Canon batteries can be bought for about $3 dollars each these days. Every kit does come with a hotshot mount, flat flash bracket, and little bag.

Yongnuo SYD-1509 is applicable for DV or digital camera of all brands, Video taking, either for lights setup or supplement.
135 LED lamps, with output of 960LM, and effective distance of up to 5m.
Light brightness adjustable, with 12 levels of light intensity
With color temperature 5500k suits outdoor photographing, interior supplementary lighting, figure photographing, wedding ceremony, etc..
Symmetrical light output.
Uniform illumination brightness.
It can check the battery power automatically.
It can be assembled into a multi-light array by connecting them together using our inter-locking design. (There is no limit on the number of units than can be interlocked.)
Flexible designing for the battery pack, it not only supports AA battery, but also supports the NB3L Rechargeble battery with the USB charging interface.
If your camcorder or camera doesnÍt have a hot shoe mount, you can use the video bracket to install them together.
Lightweight and compact, easy to carry.
High quality.

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