T&Y Single D-Tap 16.8V Lithium Battery Charger

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Intelligent charger adopts intelligent IC multi-stage circuit control, automatically identifies the battery voltage and carries out intelligent charging, preventing overcharge and other multiple safety work protection, LED display working status;The shape design is exquisite and light, easy to carry.Wide compatibility, can be a variety of capacity voltage of 16.8v rack lithium battery charge (with B interface).


TXW-1 Single Charger
Input Voltage AC90-240
Output Voltage 16.8V
Charging Current 1.5A
Charging Mode Charging Mode
Battery Interface D-tap

Safety Precautions:
1. Please check whether the AC input voltage marked on the charger nameplate is consistent with the local AC voltage before use.
2. It is strictly forbidden to move during the use of the charger. It is especially forbidden for minors to touch. Failure to do so may result in a life injury.
3. Keep away from the humid environment during the use and storage of the charger. Do not allow water and other liquids to flow into the charger. Otherwise, the charger may be damaged and cause other accidents.
4. Do not use the charger as a toy. It is strictly forbidden to insert metal foreign objects (such as others) into the ventilating hole of the charger, otherwise it may increase the degree of damage and may cause personal injury.
5. If the input and output power cables are damaged, please purchase them from the seller. It is strictly forbidden to replace them with other power cables.
6, continuous charging time should not exceed 24 hours.
7. It is forbidden to charge the battery that cannot be charged.

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