Aputure V-Mic D1 - Directional Condenser Shotgun Microphone

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The Aputure V-Mic is a directional condenser shotgun microphone, designed to sit on your cameraÕs hotshoe. It is great for DSLR film makers, with a 3.5mm jack that plugs straight into the external mic socket.

The V-Mic can be thought of as a great lower cost alternative to the rode VideoMic Pro. It features the same approximate size, form factor and super cardioid pickup pattern. Unlike the VideoMicPro, it also comes with a furry windshield and a low battery indicator.

The included mount is specially designed with shockproof rubber suspension to prevent handling noise (moving the camera, knocking against it etc.) from being picked up by the mic. Finally the unit features a switchable low cut filter, which filters frequencies below 80HZ. These types of low pitch noises are usually undesirable and tend to be caused by things like wind noise and traffic.

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