Yongnuo YN460-II Manual Speedlite for Sony/Minolta Cameras

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For moments when you need a bit more light, the YN460-II Manual Speedlite from Yongnuo is a compact and powerful tool. Available here with the Auto-lock Accessory Shoe for Sony/Minolta cameras, this fully-manual unit has a guide number of 125' at ISO 100 and can cover focal lengths as wide as 35mm. A built-in diffusion panel is accessible for wider optics up to 18mm. It has seven stops of power control, from 1/1 to 1/64, and the head can tilt from -7 to 90Á and rotate 270Á for bounce capabilities.

This unit can be used off camera with an optical master plus basic triggering in either instant sync or skip preflash modes. It will recycle in about 4 seconds at full power and it has access to 1st and 2nd curtain sync settings for creative exposures, such as slow sync. It runs on 4 AA batteries.

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